Learning to build applications and especially APIs with Spring and Spring Boot is exciting. At the same time, it is freighting when you stay at the bottom of Mt. Spring.

Spring Boot makes it much easier than it was with Spring alone in the past. However, it also hides much of the complexity involved in its magic, which brings in new complexity and might leave you confused sometimes.

Be assured that this is totally normal and everyone went through this phase. When you hike up, it gets easier as you will gain a solid understanding and control of the complexity involved and you can build frictionless applications with it.

I know I felt this way when I first started out with Spring, and there was no Spring Boot at that time. But, that’s temporary, and it gets much better over time. When I walked up Mt. Spring a bit, it already got easier. And it wasn’t just me, I noticed the same with friends and co-workers.

In the course, I reduce the complexity and focus on small, manageable parts, so you get productive quickly. It is the same approach I use successfully in my workshops or when helping co-workers in-person. Unlike in-person interaction, I’m not with you to see you when you progress through the course. Therefore, I can’t notice when you have a question so I can rephrase and explain it differently. Nonetheless, you are not alone, you can use the comments function on a lecture to ask me, and I will help you get unstuck. Promise.

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